Monday, September 28, 2009

I fell off the Green Wagon! - A Recommitment

I quit posting on this blog early last Summer. I'd run out of ways to become more green and econo-conscious in my tiny Boulder apartment. I thought I was doing pretty well not buying stuff and trying to eat locally. However, a lot has happened since then and I've fallen back into many of my old habits. I'm going to start posting here again in an attempt to regain control of my environmental footprint and my (seriously troubled!) bank account. Here is what's happened:

1) I no longer live alone or 5 minutes from my office. Now I live in a lovely house downtown with 3 of my best friends. It's a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute uphill bikeride to campus. School's been going for a month now and I haven't once walked or biked. I hitch a ride with a roomie or take the bus. While this isn't so bad as having my own car, it's not great.

2) I do not shop often, but I do go shopping and buy new things.

3) The new house has a dish washer, a clothes washer and dryer, and I use them with reckless abandon.

4) The house is big, and at times can be a little creepy at night, so we leave lights on to combat this.

5) I go out to bars a lot, and no longer do I feel compelled to drink locally brewed beers. Stoli is back in the freezer.

6) Avocados.

7) I can't be bothered to flip the switch on my surge protector at night, even as I read environmental studies in bed and write scathing articles about how the American public is ignoring our environmental crisis.

What is wrong with me????????? I'm starting over with the Greedy Green project, and hopefully I can get my shit together. I read old No Impact Man posts last night for inspiration. Today I'm making a salad for lunch, pedaling to school on the roomie's bike if it kills me, and turning the lights and extension cords off before I go.