Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kitchen pics, as promised.

You might not be able to tell a lot of difference between the old kitchen wall color and the new one. But I can. It was a sickly yellow, more yellowed with age than intentional. Inspired by the clock, we added a chic avocado color to the walls, which I think tempers the over the top patriotism of a red, white, and blue kitchen.
This is what it looked like when we moved in. Blergh.
Cabinets and Walls painted - much less dingy.
It's much brighter too, given that there isn't a lot of light in the room.

Soon this will be a red,white, and blue kitchen. Tiling is next on the list.
One drawer is still missing (it broke and needs repair), the floor sucks, and we don't have the cup pulls for the drawers yet, but I love it so far. Woohoo for progress!

Monday, July 8, 2013

How has it been a month and a half?!

Good grief. Worst blogger ever. I don't really have a great excuse, other than the fact that not a ton had happened indoors on the house until recently. And I never carry my phone with me anymore (currently it isn't even charged) so I never take pictures of anything. The result is that I don't write posts because they're not very interesting without pics. Or maybe that means I'm a bad writer. I'd tell my students that meant they need to use more descriptive language.

So, I'm going to try catching up on the last two months in two paragraphs; here we go.

Amazing red knobs on white cabinets! I loves them. And having the knobs back on  gives me a place to hang herbs.

Attached to the wall! Like in a normal house!
May was cooler than I anticipated, and I was glad I waited out the warm April before setting out tomato and pepper seedlings. I headed to a friend's wedding in Ohio behind a cheese factory, taught a maymester course every day, and then it was June. In June I went to Sweden for an academic conference; it was beautiful, warm, and I learned a lot about myself from solo travel. We also travelled to a ranch in Colorado for another friend's nuptials. Then I had a week long faculty technology workshop, where I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong in the classroom and how to make it better. No work had happened on the house by the last week in June, but the garden had exploded. No fewer than 100 green tomatoes. Then my parents came to visit! We fixed the squeaky ceiling fan, affixed a duct cover in the hallway after removing the masking tape that held it in place since before we bought the place [Least you think I am admonishing the previous owner, I should share that we detached the tape from the wall, but then just rested it on the floor instead of screwing it to the wall. For a year. And a half.] and tried in vain to fix the vacuum.
This is the dirt and bunny hair collectied from vacuuming just the stairs. Terrifying.

The vacuum should get it's own paragraph, but instead I will say this: it stopped working in April and we didn't buy a new one until last weekend. Let that sink in and then be glad you didn't visit during that period. I will call it "the filth period" at Frayne Street. We also spray painted the cabinet knobs for the kitchen cabinets that I started (and never finished) painting MONTHS ago. They are purty. I was so emboldened by experiencing what it was like to be productive on the house again that we painted the kitchen and all the rest of the cabinets this past holiday weekend. They look great but, as usual, I haven't taken a picture. But I will! And I will post that picture soon(ish).