Friday, June 27, 2008

Highways blow.

Spent the last week in San Diego visiting a friend. It was warm and beachy and sunny, but DAMN if we didn't spend half the time in the car! To go anywhere, even Chipotle for lunch required freeway time. Filling up the tank of my friend's car is an 80 dollar proposition with gas prices what they are, and that has to happen once every three days given how much she drives.

How terribly we designed cities when fossil fuels were cheap! The best a San Diegan (San Diego-an?) can do is ride a motorcycle. Scooters and bikes don't cut it because they won't fair well on highways where the speed of traffic is around 75mph.

I pity the fools who live there and pray I never have to.

Perhaps the craziest thing about it to me was how normal this seemed to everyone there. Ofcourse we have to drive 30 minutes to the mall! I didn't want to preach, but I found it hard to hide my disdain.


Matthew said...

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Tao said...

Hi! I love your blogging. I'm also blogging the way of green and I enjoy a good but sensical rant now and then. I also can't stand to spend my vacation time (or any part of my life) in a car! I purposefully search out cities and other places that I can explore mostly on foot, bike and use public transportation.

I'm going to visit regularly and will blogroll you - thanks for sharing!