Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mind Reboot

This past week, we've made a lot of pricy mistakes. Alex left my iPad in the seat back pocket on the plane home from our NYC visit. It wasn't just his fault - I saw him put it in there, I should have reminded him to get it out. Tonight a friend came into town, so we took him out for dinner. The car was towed while we were inside since we screwed up the parking. Goodbye, we said, to another 135 dollars. When we got home, we realized another (albeit smaller) error.  Our visiting friend just tore his ACL, and his wounded limb is in need of frequent icing. So before we went to dinner, we took all the ice out of the ice cube trays and refilled them. Great plan, except that we left the ice out on the counter to melt and get everywhere.

Earlier this week, Alex was cleaning the drain out and starting washing the sink when he was done. Done, but before he'd put the drain back together. Water went everywhere. I think we need a brain realignment or something along those lines. We are eager to buy a rental property in the next few months, and at this rate, we won't be able to since we'll have pissed away all our extra cash on stupidity.

Tonight before bed, I am thinking very organized, together sorts of thoughts. I am writing lists for the week, and making sure to come up with lunch options for Alex for. Yes, I am tired, but I know if I don't make easy meals, he'll just buy fast food instead. Half the days, I could probably be counted upon to make something for myself since my food laziness is much less developed than his, but the other days I'd hit up the work cafeteria. And that's money we've already spent on idiocy.

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