Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project List! (It's cripplingly long)

Move-in weekend was barely survived. Alex worked all night at the ambulance company, then went directly to his Firefighter exam in the morning, picked up the UHaul, and brought it to the old house where my family was waiting to fill it up. I was ornery the entire morning and at an emotional breaking point. Not ideal. About midday, I considered smashing all my belongings with a sledge hammer just so we didn't have to move them.

But now on to the fun stuff!


1) Remove carpeting on first floor (COMPLETE)
2) Remove wood paneling from walls throughout house (DONE)
3) Paint living room Indigo (COMPLETE)

4) Sand and paint kitchen cabinets (3/4 DONE)
5) Tile kitchen floor
6) Paint kitchen walls
7) Install Paperstone countertop

Isn't the woodwork on the stairs gorgeous? This is one place where I don't need any projects.

8) Remove wallpaper from bathroom and both bedrooms
9) Fix plaster cracks (DONE)
10) Ground outlets in kitchen & attic
11) Refinish hardwood floors (DONE)
12) Tape up HVAC to be more efficient
13) Fix chimney & install liner
14) Get the ripped up carpet off the porch so we can enjoy it (COMPLETE)
15) Exterminate the wasps that think the house is theirs (COMPLETE)

YARD Projects:

1) Mow the lawn (CONTINUOUS)
2) Get the rose bushes under control

3) Weed the side bed and plant herbs (COMPLETE)

4) Fix/deal with the staircase to nowhere. Maybe repurpose elsewhere?

5) Build two 4x8 raised beds in the side yard (which gets the most sun) (COMPLETE)
6) Chicken Coop (and leveling the ground for said coop) (DONE)
7) rebuild the retaining wall (RIGHT SIDE DONE)

8) Plant the rubarb patch (COMPLETE)
9) Plant berry patch (COMPLETE)
10) Fruit trees (DONE)
11) Potato patch (COMPLETE)
12) Grain patch (DONE)

The journey begins!

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