Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reboot X 3 !

I used to blog here about all the weird crap I tried in the name of environmental responsibility. Much has happened to me since that time:

1) I earned a PhD
2) I landed a job as a professor at an awesome university
3) I left horrible* Colorado for a real CITY
4) I found an extremely awesome partner who is supportive of my crunchy, organic leanings and feminist commitments

But perhaps most importantly.......

I bought a house!

So! Greedy Green is being reborn a third time, as the place where I chronicle my attempts at transforming my 83-yr-old house in Pittsburgh into a green paradise. Of course, the affordability and sustainability pieces still apply since "turned into a global-warming skeptic," or "acquired great wealth" are not part of my above list.

Check back here for adventures with construction, rehabilitation, and growing my own food. The baby chicks are being delivered May 7th! The raised garden beds go in next weekend! The strawberry patch was planted yesterday (in the wrong part of the lawn I've since discovered...) and the fetching lime green carpeting was removed this morning.

As before, I will divulge cost and benefits information for all the decisions we make.

*Colorado was actually very beautiful and I am glad I spent 5 years of my life there. I made great friends and developed as a thinker and learner, but it is not the place for me and I will never live there again for any reason. Ever. Blergh.

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