Thursday, June 14, 2012

Changes Afoot in the Garden

Last week I was so pissed off with the cauliflower, that I considered pulling it out completely. It takes up probably a fifth of the space in its raised bed. It attracts bugs. It shades everything. It's sort of the worst. But now I'm glad I didn't make that choice. A gorgeous, currently bug-free head of cauliflower is developing this week and it should be mighty tasty. Allegedly, if you cut off the head, another smaller one will grow. I don't really know how to do that, though, because it's pretty difficult to get to. 

The blueberry bush is looking healthy. We planted it in a deep hole that we filled with sandy soil and soil acidifier. The berries are really tart, but I like them that way. I think all in all, we got about a pint of berries, which isn't bad at all for the first year.

Another huge, annoying plant was the brussel sprouts. As you can (maybe) see, though, they are developing sprouts all along the center stalk. Yippee! Two stalks will net a few pounds of brussel sprouts, which is plenty for us.

As I mentioned last post, the chickens are escape artists. We're constructing a new pen so they can roam any time we're home. It's proving a far bigger pain in the ass than we anticipated. And no, it isn't a trick camera angle, nothing on that sucker is level.

The garden looks so lush and happy! Weeds aren't really a problem, since the plants have gotten so big.

There's the first little jalapeno!

And snap peas are forming all over the unruly vines. Next year, even though they are not supposed to need trellising, I will trellis them madly. They are leaning every which way and impeding the carrots' progress.

The last of the lettuce has bolted. I should really pull this out and plant something else, but it's so shady it'd be hard for a new plant, and I'm curious about what happens next. Where do the seeds come from?

Another cool surprise is the bed of tiger lilies growing on the side of the house. They make things look cheerful now that the roses and peonies are out of commission.

Early girl tomatoes are setting in droves! Now all we need is a few more sunny days and we should be drowning in tomatoes all summer!

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