Saturday, August 11, 2012

Retaining Wall is nearing completion!

During a break in the rain, we finished the wall. It looks pretty good all things considered. This is the third time, at least, that a wall has been erected with these stones. I'm hoping it's the last for about 15 years. 

We paid a friend of a friend to lug 3 tons (i.e. 6000 lbs) of gravel up the hill and dump it behind the wall. He was tired, sweaty, bloody, and bruised by the end so I'm glad we overpaid a bit. It's the first time we've paid anyone to do ANYthing at this new house, and man was it worth it. 

I think Alex felt weird hanging out inside while someone toiled at his house, but it would have taken the two of us 3 days of brutal work to do this job.

Alex did dig the drainage trench while Chris was lugging rocks. This will help take the pressure off the wall when it rains, which it does every day. 

Meanwhile, I lugged a few extra stones to outline the new melon bed we're planning for next year. We're doing it now so we can make the soil nice for next year. That, and we have tons of dirt and nothing to do with it. 

All that's left is to shovel some dirt back in, and clean up our mess of a yard. "Easy," she says with some reservation.

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