Sunday, January 6, 2013

A very productive day

Tomorrow I head back to work for the start of the semester (not that work wasn't being done, but it certainly hasn't been done on campus for a while.) I have a lot of prep work still to do before classes begin on tuesday, so naturally today was the day I chose to do a bunch of chores I'd been putting off all break.

We FINALLY cleaned the chicken coop. It wasn't a particularly long time ago that we cleaned it, 2 weeks, but since it's been so cold, the girls stay in doors most of the time. Many, many poops. We gave them fresh straw, and tried to tidy the run a bit, but there is still a ton of snow and ice. We bolstered the cold frame against snow, and checked on the little seedlings inside overwintering. All looks well.

Then we tackled the basement of shame. We organized everything, swept, did laundry. It's the pride basement now. Woohoo.

I took down all the christmas ornaments. Naked Christmas trees are pretty depressing.

After cleaning the kitchen a bit, I made a lovely pot pie for dinner, and all seems right with the world. Oh, and I did finish one syllabus.

Now I'm going to relax with Winston. Maybe i'll catch up on a little trashy TV. One thing's for sure: I feel sad the break is over, but ready to work up a storm tomorrow.

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