Friday, January 25, 2013

Winston Cruger-Wilson, Esquire

Our bunny is doing quite well, which is a relief. The week after we got him, he had to be sent to the bunny emergency room and pumped full of expensive bunny meds. Turns out, rabbits are fragile, and when they move around, a shift in their routine results in emotional and gastro-intestinal distress, which can be fatal.

But now Winston's feeling right at home. He's eating all the exciting bunny foods he was rejecting, like Timothy Hay and fruit tree twigs (yummm..?..) and fiberous okra pods. He has free range on the second floor of the house, and comes into bed to snuggle and give kisses.

We still don't have a clicker, so he hasn't learned any tricks. He does do a cool celebration dance when he's about to get pellets, his favorite food.

 His best trick is probably refusing to stand still so I can take a good shot with my camera.

That, and stepping on the laptop and pausing whatever show I'm watching when he feels he isn't being given enough snuggles.

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