Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Gym is for suckers

It's always amused me how willing people are to spend hours (and thousands of dollars) on working out, but then hop in their cars and drive half a mile to the grocery store. A friend of mine recently confided in me that her mother is after her for concentrating too much time on yoga and not enough time on cardio. In response to that, I offer this pearl of wisdom:

Life IS cardio.

Well, an environmentally responsible life is. I don't have a car, which means leg power or public transit gets me everywhere I want to go (and occasionally rides in cars with friends, but since I've started writing this blog I feel morally obligated to cut back on those drastically). I don't have a blender, so If I want my fruit smoothie really smooth, there's some serious chopping that has to occur.

Save the money, save the time and just go outside! Walk to your errands. Suburban people seem to have a skewed sense of distance. 5 miles is NOT a distance you should be driving! Take a bike or walk it.

Save the planet and get thin to boot.

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