Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green On the Town?

I'm really lucky to be living in Boulder while I take on this project in a lot of ways. There are enough socially aware people here to create a market for natural foods (the three closest groceries to my house are natural or organic) and local products. We have a farmer's market in summer and fall, numerous artist co-opts, and two restaurants where all the food is organic and local. So there are a number of options I can feel good about supporting!

Take last night, for example. At the Walrus Pub, Wednesday night is Pub Quiz Night. We go every week. Now granted, my real motivation is the FREE beer and elevated status we get when we win rounds, but I'm also tickled pink about what KIND of beer we win: LOCAL!!!!

Boulder Beer is a company with plenty of yummy brews, and they're all on special wednesday nights! Not only am I saving cash, I'm also drinking local! My beer only had to travel 5 miles down the road before I drank it! Not as good as concocting my own in the tub, but close! (and less yucky)

If you want to find a microbrewery near you check out this Brewpub and Microbrewery Guide

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