Saturday, March 1, 2008


Last night I went out to celebrate the completion of a thesis chapter. We dined at a bar/restaurant that uses a ton of local products, and I drank a local organic beer. For those in the party who eat meat, all of the beef is from 2 miles down the road. I was happy in my dining choices until I got home and realized that, since I hadn't been able to finish my black bean and mushroom rueben, the server gave me an aluminum and plastic takeout container in which to take it home.


And so Project Rule #2 struck me quite hard:

I WILL NOT USE DISPOSABLE FOOD CONTAINERS ANYMORE. This means no takeout, no delivery, no lattes that aren't in real mugs, and no leftovers transported in any containers but my own. I started carrying a glass mason jar around for my tea and water yesterday like No Impact Man but this isn't enough. I need to plan ahead when going out and bring my own "tupperware" (I use pickle jars.) I need to have the foresight to plan what I'll be eating for lunch so time and desperation doesn't send me to the student union for a substandard and very packaged meal.

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