Friday, March 7, 2008

Chai to go

This morning I needed a little pick-me-up after too vigorous of a Thursday night out. I headed over to the coffee shop on the corner and ordered an iced soy chai. I was certain to use my own water bottle, which gets a thumbs up. However, what I really wanted was hot chai and I was too freaked out by the warm-liquids-in-plastic factor to get it. I use a 'safe' plastic water bottle (meaning one that doesn't have PS, PVC, or Polycarbonate), but I'm still wary. I also have my glass jar I cart around with me, but with hot stuff I nearly scald myself when I try to touch it. So, here's the plan I devised today:

I have a ton of socks with holes in the toe. Since I haven't a clue how to darn them, they end up in the garbage ordinarily. Instead, the new resourceful me can cut off the tube part of the sock and use it as a cozy for my glass jar. It'll work the same way those cardboard ones do at Starbucks but without the extra waste! I'm really quite proud of myself for this brilliant plan, although I'm sure hundreds of others have figured out the trick first.

The best part about bringing your own jar? You get money off your coffee (or in my case tea)! This is true at Starbucks and Celestial Seasonings and well as some of the smaller coffee shops around Boulder. Hooray for the green choice saving some dough! Admittedly it's only a few cents, but it's something.

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Sharon J said...

I haven't heard of any place over hear offering a discount for bringing your own jar, bottle or other container. Not sure whether the UK chain of Starbucks do as we don't have one local so I never use them. I guess the fact that I very rarely visit trendy coffee shops and the likes has something to do with my lack of knowledge in this area, although they're springing up all over town and a lot of the old tea rooms are disappearing as a result :(