Monday, March 3, 2008

Not Buying Crap ROCKS!

3 days into my no-crap rule my Powerbook power cord decided to start sparking and lighting my blankets on fire. Buying a new one would be only a last resort so I scowered my office asking everyone I met if they had any electrical tape with which I could patch the sucker.

They didn’t but what I got was even better: An old power cord from one of the former faculty’s laptops! The administrative assistant just had it laying around her office waiting to be tossed in the rubbish bin! Money Saved = 49.95$ at the lowest estimate Take that Steve Jobs. Huzzah!

Also, after lamenting my lack of a slowcooker in a post a few days ago, one came up for grabs on Freecycle ! One person’s trash is another’s treasure and all that.

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