Sunday, March 2, 2008

Freegan for all!

I was scanning Jezebel the other day for Oscar fashion pics and came across a post about Oprah's interview with Freegans ("Free + Vegan" or anti-capitalists who live an alternative lifestyle where they do not participate in our traditional economy) while wearing 700$ Christian Louboutin pumps.

Fashion decisions aside, I was intrigued. While perhaps a bit extreme (they take food from dumpsters, trainhop and hitchhike for transportation and advocate squatting rather than paying rent) I can certainly get behind some of the stuff they have to say!

Going far beyong my pledge to stop compiling crap, they reject our economic system all together. Instead, they work together to subvert the system, using to grab stuff they need, sharing with others, and reclaiming waste. Again, I'm not hardcore enough for this, but it's pretty inspiring! Anyone who is self-sufficient amazes me. I feel like just another cog in the wheel of capitalism now...

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