Sunday, October 18, 2009

Really Cool Texting Service!!!

I'm participating in Colin Beaven's (pictured here with his mega-cute daughter) No Impact Project starting today, and I found out about something really cool through his How-To Manual!

Apparently, there is a service you can use to find out how green a company is via text! So you text "GREENnike" or "GREENdell" to 66937, and will receive a text back giving you that company's climate score, and also providing the name of the leading green company in that sector. How cool is that?
Today is the first step in the No Impact Project, so I'm pledging to not purchase anything (other than food) for the next week, and gathering all the trash I make today to report what i can eliminate. One of my roommates and another close friend are (allegedly) trying it out too, so I'll report how we do.

I'm really excited, actually. I spent this morning walking around the neighborhood with the little boys I babysit collecting leaves and doing art projects. After I post this, I'm going to do a little work, and then read a book. Even though I don't have to deal with energy consumption until Friday according to the project rules, I'm starting to be more fanatic about it today. For example, I'm sitting in the dark typing this. And I refused to reheat my takeout this morning before I ate it for breakfast.