Friday, July 6, 2012

And now for the trim!

After approximately 8 billion years, we finished the floors last Friday!!! This week we've been working on the trim, which proved a bit more difficult than we anticipated (which seems par for the course in this remodel thus far.)
Finished floors with a rug and some cut trim

First, the miter box we had wasn't large enough for any of the trim we had. We went looking for a larger one, but if they make them, they do not sell them at the local home improvement stores. So we investigated how much a miter saw would cost - they are useful afterall. Saws large enough to cut the trim we have run AT LEAST 350$, and generally more like 500$. So that was out.

We rented the saw from Home Depot on tuesday, and made most of the cuts we needed in the 4 hour period before Alex needed to head to work. The thing was huge, and barely fit in the car.
On day 1, I only got this many pieces done before a thunder shower

Next it was time to stain the wood, but it decided to rain for three days straight, which made things a little tricky. I briefly considered using the basement, but the poor ventilation + the pilot light made me reconsider.

I finally finished the staining yesterday, and this morning put on the first coat of polyurethane. I hope to finish the second later today (we got the quick drying) and then rent the finish nailer for tomorrow.
The downhill slope isn't ideal for drying, but our whole yard is a mountain

What might throw a wrench in this plan, however, is that we need to make cuts in most of the trim for outlets, since the new baseboard is taller than the old and the outlets are placed stupidly. We can't do this without extension boxes however, which we don't actually have. Naturally.

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