Friday, July 6, 2012

Yard updates for July

From a while ago: our last harvest of snap peas, first carrot, and the HUGE cauliflower head
Squash blossom out in the yard.

I pulled the snap pea vine out of the garden two days ago and grabbed any unused pods to save seeds.
Corn is growing, but needs to be pollinated and I don't really know how. 

Here is what the whole garden looks like presently.

Two beans sharing a trellis: purple french beans and young soy beans.

Some of the large drying beans, though I don't know which since I've lost my garden diagram. Boo

Here is the bolted lettuce setting little seed pods, which look like mini jalapenos

Get red, you tomatoes!!! You are no good to me like this!

Early attempts at seed saving: green bell pepper, lettuce, spinach, and snap peas

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