Monday, July 9, 2012

"We'll Just Put a Potted Plant There!"

...was the phrase uttered a million times as we attached the trim to the wall yesterday. There isn't a right angle in the whole house, particularly not on "Hell Wall" (which is what I nicknamed the blue jerk between the living room and hallway that refuses to cooperate.) After "potted plant," the second most used phrase of mine yesterday was "time to nail some trim, baby!" which I found hilarious enough to say over and over, but which Alex didn't really think was so clever.

We got everything taken care of, except for those pieces on walls where we still need to move outlets up 1.5 inches (which should be terrible.)

We moved the furniture back in last night and this morning et voila:

And now for the behind the scenes footage of what still needs fixing:

Some of the moulding doesn't really meet with the wall, so we need to fill with stainable wood filler.

Here's a fun place where we underestimated how much wall we needed to finish and what the trim would cover. Oops! This should give a good idea of what the wall looked like originally, though. Yikes!

The cordless nail gun isn't as reliable as the ones where you need a compressor, so sometimes the nails didn't go far enough into the trim. In most places, we'll need to put a little wood filler over the holes. Also in this picture: the existing door casing buckles in the middle, so you can see it. I'm going to stain it the same color as the rest of the wood to make it less noticeable. 

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