Monday, April 28, 2008

A Constant Pull!

I purchased quite a few things last weekend. The light-less existence since Earth day has been easy as pie. Not buying fun Spring wardrobe staples isn't so easy. I LOOOOOOOVE clothes and I'm sick of all of mine. I think I am going to have to Buffalo Exchange some soon and pick up a few things at the Vintage Stores around town before I hyperventilate. I'm trying though...

Here's the list of latest purchases.

At Pharmaca (like a natural drug store):
~Almond Lotion
~Mineral Sunscreen
~Un-Waxed Unbleached Floss
~Natural Mouthwash
~Tea Tree Oil
~Three Magazines

Most of those are necessities, so I'll not apologize for them... although I wish they weren't so packaged. I KNOW that I'm supposed to give up print media and only deal with digital. I'm down with that most of the time; I love blogs and news feeds and mp3s more than anyone. However, sometimes all I want is to lounge on the couch with a mojito and a glossy mag. I didn't let myself buy any fashion books because they fuel the consumerist fire in me. Instead, I bought Bust, Gourmet, and Domino (which had the same consumerist effect because there's a bunch of stuff inside I'm coveting for the apartment.)

At the Fabric Store:
~Calico to make super cute napkins out of (it was less than a dollar and since I cut out paper towels I've been using washcloths... which are a little rough)
~Ready made sundress material to make one of those long gorgeous flowy dresses I'm sweating right now (like 17 bucks worth)
~Two yard of gorgeous patterned fabric that i'll be making into something fab ... pillows? art for the walls? a muumuu? who knows.
~BRILLIANT sheer floral print fabric to be turned into curtains next weekend. It set me back 30 bucks, but that's cheaper than ready made curtains and it's so Betsey Johnson/Old Cat Lady! I love gawdy prints right now.

As per usual, the server is sucking and I can't upload the pics. I've been trying for over a week. Will try again tomorrow from my office, where things work more often.

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