Monday, April 7, 2008

Hair Processes

I've had two friends donate hair care products to my no shampooing cause. My older sister called worriedly this week to ask if my head smelled. I feel the time has come to deal with the hair issue in complete candor:

I shower everyday. I didn't use to before this no-shampooing thing, but I feel like I need to now keep things copesetic. This doesn't mean I use more water. Before, I showered every other day for 10 minutes. Now it's every day for less than 5. For 6 Days of the week, I wet my hair, massage my scalp, clean my body, and get the hell out. If things are looking too greasy, I use this crazy Mexican method of oil re-distribution where I brush my hair from roots to tips with a washcloth while it's still wet. The excess oil is distributed throughout, making it so I don't really need conditioner and so that the roots aren't a yuck-fest.

On the 7th day (it used to be every 3 or so, but the more I use this method, the longer I can go) I lather up with this awesome Squeaky Green solid shampoo bar a friend gifted me from Lush. It's Sodium Laurel Sulfate free and smells AMAZINGLY herbal. I want to bite in, but I refrain. I shampoo, rinse, and have done with it. It doesn't over-dry my hair so no conditioner is necessary. This has NEVER been the case before: my hair is a wavy, tangly mess! I used to use the baking soda/apple cidar vinegar method on hair washing day, and still do sometimes (apple cidar vinegar makes your hair SOOOOO soft) but I'm currently obsessed with the yummy smell of the shampoo bar, so baking soda's taken a back burner.

Sure, some days I feel like a grossen. But mostly it rocks. And I think it'll only get better.

In other showering news: a friend gave me Pangea Organic Body Wash. It's amazing! And it's produced here in Boulder. I want to guzzle it, but settle for rubbing it all over. Even after I'm out of the shower, I can still smell the yumminess on my skin. I catch myself sniffing myself kind of often....


Bad Human? said...

My fiance made our own soap which wasn't to hard once we found lye on ebay. It works great and we even included rolled oats to help exfoliate and it works on hair too.


that's so contrived said...

this blog rocks! woot, woot!

(this is shannon, btw)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I keep thinking about Lush solid shampoo, good to hear it works. I use yaoh shampoo and conditioner - no nasty chemicals at all but the downside is it is packaged in plastic. I wash my hair once a week and let it dry naturally, always have done

greedygreen said...

yeah, I don't know what happens between being a kid (when once a week hair washing seemed the norm) and being an adult (where we wash, condition, treat, prod, pull, and blow out our hair daily.) I always let it dry naturally too.