Sunday, April 20, 2008

MY ORGAN!!!! (as in music, not kidneys)

It's finally arrived!!! My secret item five from the consumerist binge! Oh how I love it so. It was 45 bucks, and has all these sweet percussion beats (Marumba anyone?) as well as a ton of different insturments it can imitate. It reminds me of my house when I was a kid, which I think is really why I love it. Also: the switches are RAINBOW COLORED! Was there ever a better reason to purchase something? I feel like Salvation Army acquired this at a hippie's estate sale or from a travelling circus troop.

It will brilliantly accompany my genius bass guitar stylings... if only I could play them both at the same time.

My dear friend Angie sacrificed her right knee to help me lug this puppy up the stairs and into my house, which I feel needs mentioning here.

Also: I can't forget to unplug it when not in use! No vampire electronics, especially such a huge one, for this girl!

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English Armchair Abroad said...

Oh boy - what a stunning organ. There's a village in France called Bars (really!) with about 20 inhabitants and the church has a permanent exhibition of harmoniums. Some of them are really old but they have been restored (where possible) and you can play them. It has about 2000 visitors a year.
You have a great blog - I've put you on my blogroll at