Friday, May 16, 2008


Bitching and moaning really do seem to have their uses! I saw a cool salad spinner thing at a friend's house today, commented that I wanted one, and she said I could have it! Score one for Whiney McWhinerson! I get leaf lettuce every week, but the washing and drying takes FOREVER. If you put it in the fridge wet it gets gloopey. If you leave it out too long it gets wilty. Drying it by hand without paper towels is quite the production. But now with the spinny thingy I just pull a string and it's all dry. No electricity needed.

My lettuce troubles are over. Wahoo!

This brings me to one of my favorite things ever: giving stuff you don't use to other people. A friend admired a belt I hadn't worn in months, and it's hers. Same with books, dresses, scarfs, etc. We all have too much stuff and most of us don't miss it once it's gone anyway. Why not give it to someone who will use it? I'm not talking giving stuff away for all of time; a little indian giving now and then is pretty good too. I'm a firm believer that lending posessions out will make us less attached to them, and that's a step most of us need to make.

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badhuman said...

Between my fiance and I we were able to furnish almost an entire apartment worth of stuff that we gave to two friends just starting out. My fiance and I were lucky and found great jobs immediately after school and we were able to purchase some decent furniture and live by ourselves ( our friends were living at home or with roommates). When we combined household we had a lot of excess and it was nice to be able to help a friend out. Now as we continue to sort through our stuff I constantly think of who could use what.