Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Pressure Cooker Rocks My Socks Off!

Another freebie from a friend, I tested out a pressure cooker tonight to cook some soaked black beans and it took about 10 minutes versus the usual 90. Way to be energy efficient with the legumes! Plus the beans were cooked evenly and I didn't have to keep adding water every 20 minutes (my gas stove's temp is a little difficult to control, so simmering isn't really an option.)

There are all these crazy recipes in the manual, but I think that's too advanced for me. I'm a last minute cook: I realize I'm starving and want food in the table in a few minutes. The pressure cooker makes spontaneous, healthful cooking possible.

I am above thrilled about this.


Melissa said...

just make sure you put the whistle on properly, or you'll end up cleaning lentils off your ceiling. Not that this has ever happened to me...

greedygreen said...

ha! thanks. I was wondering what that thing was... but it didn't blow off or anything last time, so I think I'm good to go.