Friday, April 20, 2012


Turns out dishwashers aren't just a pain to get rid of. They're also impossible to install.

After calling two plumbers, getting a 440$ estimate for professional installation, another trip to Home Depot, a trip to Lowes, discovering I'd lost my hack saw and heading to another hardware store, we still couldn't use our dishwasher.

Yes, it is (relatively) inexpensive, looks great, and gets great marks for energy efficiency. All this meant little to me when its main function was as exercise equipment. We weight trained shifting it here and there when making tea or washing dishes. When I was too annoyed to move it out of the way, it functioned as pilates machine as I arched my back to chop veggies a yard to the right of where my feet were planted.

But now it's installed, and we ran a test load. The dishes are clean, but the water-in line leaked a little. Still not there, but in the home stretch!

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