Friday, April 20, 2012


The painting is complete in the living room, and I REALLY want to start living in there, given that we've begun demolition in the dining room. It seems within reach, but nothing looks finished because there isn't any molding up yet.

This is sort of a joke with Alex because there are many places in his childhood home that still don't have molding, so he thinks everything looks great.

Home Depot had no selection when it came to molding and no good options for big casings and base pieces (which we need for the arches and to match the original wall construction.) So I did a little research and found this place! Allegheny Millwork and Lumber is massive, it isn't a chain, it's reasonably priced, and they were very friendly and helpful. Looks like we've found our lumber source moving forward.

This is just a tiny corner of the huge, extremely well-organized warehouse.

Currently, the casing lives on the porch....along with everything else. I'm hoping to install some tomorrow.

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