Thursday, April 26, 2012

Garden Updates

Hidden below are 5 asparagus crowns.
March was warm and wonderful, but April's been rather chilly, almost winter-like. We survived the "winter storm" this week, and didn't get any actual snow. Plenty of rain and cold, though, and my garden isn't thrilled. The potato tires still haven't dried out at all three days later, and I'm worried they'll rot.

Soggy Spuds
The berry twigs (they can't really be called plants yet) really needed the rain, but aren't big fans of the cold, so nothing much has happened to bring them out of dormancy.
Berry Twig 

Meanwhile, the cauliflower is loving the cold and the rain.
Cauliflower in pots

No spears yet from the Asparagus patch, but I'm hopeful that it'll happen this week once the soil warms a bit more and the sun comes out for more than 3o seconds at a time.

We've transplanted the onions, kale, cabbage, and brocoli into the raised bed, so new plantings of chard and more tomatoes and kale are under the grow lights.

Peas, spinach, and even carrots are sprouting in the raised bed. I hope if they get a little sun this week they'll shoot up big time.
Peas & Rutabaga

Rosemary, Stevia, & Collards
Goodies inside!!

Collards are happy, and the Stevia and rosemary are at least not dead... so that's positive.

The coop has arrived and we picked it up from the freight place, but we haven't graded the yard yet, so it waits patiently on the patio.

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