Sunday, September 16, 2012

Harvest Festival: The Explanation

I love holidays. I particularly love cooking elaborate meals for family and friends. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have a large family, and all holidays have been taken by other family members. It's been this way forever. How does a young family member with a new house get a chance to entertain?

I ran this past my older sister (who is responsible for more holidays than anyone else, I think, by nature of the fact that she's awesome and a big planner) and she suggested I invent my own!

Enter Harvest Festival: the holiday devoted to eating yummy food directly from the garden, hanging out with family and friends, and welcoming Autumn. This first year we had 11 guests, mostly from out of town. The small number was great, since we could have a sit-down dinner and everyone could still hear one another.

It was a great long weekend, and relatives and friends trickled in beginning Thursday evening. The last visitors left Monday morning.

Hooray! It's probably time to begin planning for Harvest Festival 2013, but first, some pictures...

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