Monday, September 3, 2012

Vacation to Far Off.... Ohio!

Alex and I realized that, other than visiting relatives, we haven't gone away together for a year. Unacceptable! We didn't have more than 24 hours, so 2-ish hours was the max travel time. We found a lodge/B&B on farmland in Ohio that looked fun. They had miniature goats (!!!!!) , mini horses, regular ponies, swans, ducks, parrots, buffalo, longhorn cattle, and deer. We spent the morning hiking in a nearby state park, checked in at 3, explored the property for a few hours, and had a great dinner that was included in the price of the room. It was really nice to get away from the house, where not a lot of progress has been made lately.

I started back at work full time 2 weeks ago, and there is very little time for painting or patching anything.

Did I mention they had miniature goats? They escaped the afternoon we were there, and came to eat out of our hands. I NEED ONE! They are so cute and little. The fully grown goats were the size of a small dog. I could make mini goat cheese from my mini goat milk! They could eat the front yard so we didn't have to weed whack!

You can't see them very well here - they are back from their jaunt and trying to keep cool in their goat house.

Mini Donkey is all up in our business

The view was gorgeous on the 550 acre property!

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