Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Laboring on Labor Day

My Faculty Review documents were due that tuesday, soI did a bit of office stuff on Labor day. In fact, I worked all weekend putting up produce, because summer is in its last hurrah and the panic is starting to set in for me. I get weird about veg.

We are getting a bumper crop of lemon cucumbers, which is crazy since we only planted ONE of those things! So I did 9 jars (pints, pint and a half, and one full quart) of dill pickles. I did another 2 pints of experimental cantaloupe pickles, which I'm not too sure about.

In addition, I cooked a half bushel of tomatoes down to 18 cups of tomato puree  and 24 cubes of tomato paste to freeze. We had an extra 10 ear of corn, so those went into the deep freeze as well!

Then on labor day, I charred and froze a quart of habenaros, started on my first ever batch of sour kraut, and dug one barrel of potatoes. That, and work on my portfolio :-(

The peppers, charred and cooling before the skins are removed and they're slipped into their freezer bag

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