Monday, May 14, 2012

Chicken Coop Construction Complete!

It was pretty simple, though we did screw up a few things. First we needed to level a chunk of our mountain yard. It was A LOT easier to do this with Alex's help than it was to remove the grass for the Amaranth Patch by myself earlier that day. Teamwork is where it's at.

Right away, a sad little bird got stuck in the run by climbing underneath. Alex had to stage a rescue. We haven't predator-proofed the bottom yet, and this unintentional break-in indicates some of our security concerns.

It looks so great! I love seeing it out the window when I wake up. In another few weeks, the ladies can move into their classy new home.

For those looking for a similarly easy coop option, has reasonable wooden coops that ship quickly and are made in the US. They also have organic feed (though you can probably find it locally for less money.)

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