Friday, May 11, 2012

Peonies in Bloom

The peonies have come into bloom just in time for Mother's Day - during which I can't see my very own personal mother -  but such is life.

Today we finally filled the second raised bed with dirt and planted all the seedlings and seeds. I know last frost day is technically May 20th here, but the 10-day forecast says we should be good to go so I'm risking it. We can always cover the whole thing with a tarp in a pinch.

Alex also took another go at the front lawn with our electric weed whacker. We look pretty respectable from the street, but if anyone checks the back yard, it's a jungle. The stairs to nowhere have a wild beauty, but I saw a snake hanging out in there yesterday, so it'll need to be attended to pretty soon. Hopefully the snake was on a caterpillar-eating mission.

Some of the little seedlings from the grow light were getting leggy, so I transplanted them into larger containers. I've got a couple reasons for this. First, I'm completely out of room in the raised beds and don't have any more planters. Second, I'm interested in consecutive planting and want to put in some broccoli and chard one the lettuce and spinach crump in the summer heat.

We have done an (extremely small) amount of work in the dining room, but should have the last of the glue scraped by tomorrow so we can start on the wall patching.

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