Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The House is Moving Forward...Slowly.

We can actually use the living room now, though there is no casing or baseboard up yet, since it didn't make sense to do that before we sanded and refinished the floors. The dining room is out of commission, as we put off the glue scraping and wall patching.

I'm far more excited about outdoor projects as things warm, so I expect it will take another few weeks to get the first floor in order. Particularly since Alex's work schedule moves to all day Mon-Fri next week. World's crummiest timing, since school is done for me this week.

Meanwhile, the rhubarb and potatoes are coming up, the Early girl tomatoes are planted, and I'm working on an herb garden in an old tree stump on the hill.

The yard was getting really out of hand, and after failing to find a good used lawn mower on Craigslist, we bought an electric weed whacker for 80$ (+ 10% off at Lowes.) It's pretty effective, if a little slow. One bonus/annoyance is that the batteries die pretty quickly. It means you can't do the whole yard all at once, but it also means you aren't compelled to weed whack until you're miserable. It's also a lot quieter and lighter than gas-powered models, which means I might occasionally wield it. Maybe. I quickly become disgruntled when doing yard work that won't result in food production.

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