Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yesterday the chickie babies turned 6 days old. I thought they deserved a treat, so while I was digging the Amaranth Patch, I saved all the gross little grubs I found and gave them to the ladies for a snack. At first they were a little confused, but soon they got the idea. One chick would grab a grub in her mouth, and then the other two would chase her around the box trying to steal her catch. The whole thing was hilarious, given that there were four more grubs squirming, fearing for their lives just a few feet away.

The girls are already getting pretty good at flying, so starting next week we'll stick an old window screen over the top of their temporary home. They're noticeably bigger (though maybe not in pictures) and their wing feathers are filling in nicely. We are very proud parents.

We also hit two milestones this morning. First, ALL THE GLUE IS SCRAPED IN THE DINING ROOM!!!! This is, in and of itself, cause to rejoice, but additionally, we harvested our first little basket of greens. Lots of spinach, one lettuce leaf, two arugula leaves, and two baby kales. It's enough for one tiny salad, but I think we'll use the bounty to dress our BBQ chicken (and faux chicken, in my case) sandwiches this evening.

We (and by we, I mean Alex) have also almost weed whacked the entire yard. It looks amazingly tidy, but I know by the time he finishes, he'll just have to start over again. The plan is to slowly fill the whole yard with fruit trees, and raised beds so there isn't any grass to speak of. It's gonna take a while.

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