Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chicken Update

Clementine is smushed in the center, like always.

The girls are getting huge, and they really love the perch Alex installed for them this week. They're adept enough at flying now that we had to put a screen roof on their house, making pictures a bit more difficult.

I can tell one apart from the other two now; she's smaller and has slightly darker wing and tail feathers. I wonder if she's just a runt, or if she's not a Buff Orpington. Another few weeks will tell. In any case, her name is Clementine Hildegarde Cruger.

We also got their grown-up waterer in the mail today, but it's a bit too big for their current home so we'll have to wait to introduce it. It's a shame, since their favorite place to poop seems to be the chick water dish.

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