Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day = Moving Day

Not for us, for the chickie babies! It's 80-90 degrees every day outside, we think they'll be warm enough in the closed coop at night without a heat lamp because they have a lot of feathers. Plus, I think the ladies had done all the exploring they could in a 2x2 foot box.

We lined the inside of the coop and the nesting boxes with nice straw, but thought that seemed like a waste in the run, so we used clippings from a recent hedge pruning for their bedding. We also tossed in some treats, like the tops of strawberries I used to make jam this morning, and some greens from the tops of radishes. If radishes are like carrots, leaving the greens on zaps the taste and energy from the root, so I wanted to get rid of them fast.

So far, they seem extremely happy. Every time a fly goes by, they try to dive bomb it and end up tumbling into the chicken wire fence or landing in a heap in the new waterer, but they'll figure it out eventually.

Before we moved them in, we put hardware wire on the bottom of the coop too, so dogs or racoons couldn't burrow under the run and get in if we forgot to close the coop door at night. Next week, we are constructing a portable pen for them so they can also hang out in the yard when Alex or I am out there to supervise and deter birds of prey

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